Country complex

Country complex "Russian Hunt" is located near Samara, in a picturesque place by the lake surrounded with relict pines. It’s a hotspot close to nature, which gives a feeling of peace and absolute comfort. Our restaurant conceptually combines space and content. Menu contains only organic products, some of which we produce and grow ourselves. We put our pride in wildfowl dishes. Here you have the chance to taste the delicious dishes cooked in a Russian stove, the taste of which has long been forgotten.

In the "Russian Hunt" you can relax your body and mind, hold an unforgettable holiday event or business conference. We are pleased to offer you the highest level of service and staff, maximum of services and entertainment, such as hunting, fishing, horse riding, exciting walks, billiards, tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, shooting and much more. The hotel complex is focused on family holidays. Here, you and your loved ones will be fine at any time of the year: you can swim in the pool, take a nap in the meadow by the lake, sway in the hammock and watch a child who is having fun in the playground. Walk around the zoo, visit bathhouse to restore strength. And in the winter, after skiing or riding from a hill you can drink hot herbal tea from a boiling tank - samovar, burning with pine cones; with delicious cakes.

At any time in "Russian hunt" you will feel the most welcome guests! Our team of enthusiasts is so fond of work and guests who are resting here.