Company parties

Corporate team meetings and team building games in real nature conditions immerses participants in a special world, alien to everyday life. Here players will have many exciting challenges associated directly with hunt and with other exciting entertainment related topics. Nature corporate games in the country complex "Russian Hunt" are perfect for those customers who are tired of typical team building events.





Team building training.

Our highly experienced instructors and specialists in sports team building always ready to conduct training in team building. We offer a wide range of games, competitions and trials to build trust in the group, consolidate and effectively interact with people.

Training opportunities:

  • Creation and strengthening of team spirit
  • Development of responsibility sense for contributing to the overall victory
  • Getting pleasure from performing tasks
  • Awareness of each member of the team

Our corporate events will help to unite the team to achieve the goals set, allow revealing the hidden resources of the employees and effectively using new opportunities in the work.

Welcome here for adventure programs, overcoming various obstacles. During such a game, people manifest themselves in different ways, unite and go together to a given goal. This can contribute to the normalization of team climate and helps prevent conflict situations.

Special tasks:

  • Cuckoo's nest
  • Blind guide
  • Grenade
  • Wood-spirit trap
  • Web
  • Path in the swamp
  • Caterpillar
  • And other tasks

Groups of 20 people are accepted.

Duration of the training is from 2 to 3 hours.

The cost of the event 1800rub / 1 person.

You can additionally order the musical accompaniment for the event. Cost is 6000 rub. for the whole event (the price includes the work of a DJ, rental of musical equipment).


Sport games.

The best solution for most companies is a sports corporate party in nature. 

We are ready to professionally organize corporate in nature, creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Informal communication is the best way to unite the team. We will help to all participants experience positive emotions; open up new opportunities in themselves.

Benefits of sport event:

  • active and exciting pastime
  • opportunity for everyone to show ingenuity, resourcefulness, strength and agility
  • opportunity to have fun and get a charge of positive emotions

For participants of sport games, we will create situations in which everyone will reveal hidden opportunities and will be able to take a different look at themselves and their colleagues.

During outdoor competition, the corporate spirit rises, people feel they are one team with common goals and interests. Nothing unites like mutually joy, victory and success.

Special tasks:

  • rope pulling
  • giant skis
  • stilts
  • running in triple pants
  • caterpillar
  • club fight
  • grenade
  • and other fun tasks

Groups of 20 people are accepted. Duration of the event is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The cost of the event is 1000rub. / 1 person. The cost of the event includes the work of animator, assistant, renting props, musical accompaniment of the event, delivery of props and equipment.



Sharp shooter (program for corporate events).

  The task of the group: to eliminate the enemy base, you need to undergo training and learn to sharp shoot with various weapons, undergo training in search and disposal of mines, prepare a landing site for the landing team, then give a rocket signal that the mission has been completed.
Event scenario: general of a team, the leader conducts a conversation about the Homeland, army tasks, divides the company employees into teams, the captains are selected, then the leader sets up a combat training task, the teams disperse in training points.
Training points:
  1. Archery
  2. Shooting a paintball assault rifle in motion on growth targets
  3. Throwing axes
  4. Shooting a crossbow
  5. Disassembly / assembly / loading / shooting from a Kalashnikov submachine gun
                                                                          6. Passing an obstacle course
  7. Mine clearance (with explosions)
  8. Raising the flag of the Russian Federation (or the company flag).

Groups of 20 people are accepted.

Duration of the program is from 1.5 hours (depending on the number of participants).

The cost of the program is 1200 rubles per person. Animator work -  5000 rubles.

You can additionally order the musical accompaniment of the event. Cost 5000 rub. for the whole event (the price includes the work of a DJ, rental of musical equipment).