Russian hunt

"Russian Hunt" is conceptual, beautiful and really tasty! The history and traditions of the restaurant for over 25 years. Once here, you will certainly order the game and feel the authentic taste, aroma and fantastic quality. There is no other place in Samara where it would be prepared so delicious and in so many variations.

Our restaurant is the author's cuisine of the chef Maxim Bondar, dishes from the Russian stove, meat delicacies cooked on an open fire, cuisine from different nations of the world, and a children's menu. In the complex you can relax, spend your holiday or business negotiations, choosing a suitable place for that. We are ready to welcome guests all day long and welcome them again and again!

We are happy to organize your holiday for up to 300 people in a banquet format and up to 2000 people in a buffet format.

The main hall of the restaurant is styled in the spirit of good Russian hunting and reflects the concept of the whole complex. The capacity of the hall is up to 90 guests. Excellent venue for banquets, weddings and celebrations.


Our capabilities

  • Banquets

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    Banquets in the “Russian Hunt” are not only a special art of implementation all the guests wishes, but also creating a festive atmosphere and solemnity, Russian feast and plenty.

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  • Buffet

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    The buffet table is an excellent substitute for the traditional feast, which will allow you to please the taste preferences of each guest. In our restaurant, stand-up meals made from game meat and various cold appetizers are very popular: multi-layered canapes, stuffed vegetables, and especially mini-rolls with various fillings. A beautifully designed buffet table is sure to become part of any corporate or business event.

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  • Breakfast

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    Our restaurant serves daily breakfast buffet. Every morning traditional breakfast is waiting for you: porridge, scrambled eggs, all kinds of cuts, fresh vegetables, fruits, desserts, yoghurts, juices, tea and coffee. It is absolutely certain that our branded cheesecakes, pancakes and pies with various fillings will not leave you indifferent. The buffet of our restaurant is a fresh and healthy breakfast for every taste!

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  • Samovar station

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    "Samovar as a Sea, we drink from it for the health!"

    From time immemorial, large companies gathered around a great Russian samovar, talked, drank tea and tasted traditional Russian sweets and pies from the Russian stove. Especially good after a ski trip or skiing with a slide to drink hot herbal tea from a samovar, melted with pine cones.

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  • Brand beer

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    The brewery is located directly in the beer restaurant "Russian Hunt". In our work, we focused on modern equipment and traditional methods of brewing, based on many years of experience of European brewers. All stages of our production meet the highest technological, environmental and sanitary requirements, which ensures a consistently high quality of products.

    When brewing beer in "Russian Hunt" brewery uses only 4 components - hops, malt, yeast and water; therefore, our technologists devote so much attention to the quality of these products. Malt from leading European manufacturers, the best varieties of imported hops, high-quality yeast and drinking water that has passed several degrees of purification give the beer, brewed by the private brewery "Russian Hunt", the best taste.

    In our work we always use the principle that “live” properly brewed beer is hops, malt and ... the conscience of the brewer. Beer brewery "Russian Hunt" is not only tasty, but also useful, because it does not contain GMOs, stabilizers and preservatives. We basically do not use pasteurization, which solves the problem of long-term storage, but violates the harmony of taste, destroying proteins, vitamins and amino acids. Due to the fact that it is not pasteurized and not carbonated with carbon dioxide, and is saturated with carbon dioxide only as a result of natural fermentation, the beer of brewery "Russian Hunt" has a natural "live" taste. Its production takes us at least one month - we do not fundamentally speed up the process to the detriment of the quality of beer.

    As a manufacturer, we provide continuous monitoring at all stages of brewing and strict adherence to branded recipes. Due to this fact we achieve not only the high quality of our products, but also the main thing we achieve its stability. Professionalism and many years of experience of our technologists give you the opportunity to enjoy the truly lively and natural taste of the entire line of beers produced by the brewery "Russian Hunt".

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  • Wild fowl dishes

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    Game meat is high-calorific, nutritious and has dietary properties. Wild animals and birds lead a mobile lifestyle, therefore their meat is rather dense and not particularly fat, even in autumn. According to nutritionists, game meat is very valuable, healthy meat for human health.

    This results from the fact that its quality does not spoil neither the remains of drugs, nor the remains of artificial hormones. Our restaurant offers dishes from roe, wild boar, deer, and duck. In Western Europe, game meat is very expensive and is considered as a delicacy.

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  • Dishes from the Russian stove

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    Dishes cooked in the Russian stove have a completely different taste than food cooked on a gas stove. Anyone who has tried it at least once will never forget its magic taste. The recipes of some dishes prepared by our chefs originate from the depths of the ages. Pocket cookbook.

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  • Charcoal Dishes

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    In our restaurant, cooking on the grill, tandoor, spit, brazier is a real art. Here you can taste not only the traditional grill, kebab lula, but also the tenderest fish cooked on coals - salmon, catfish, mackerel, sturgeon. Top cooks skill - boar on a spit!

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  • Seasonal menu

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    Seasonal menu contains dishes that change during the season and allow you to enjoy the whole range of tastes. Taking as a basis the freshest seasonal products, partly grown by us or purchased on the nearest farm, we combine the original Russian traditions in original textures. Forms and combinations of the creative menu. Tastes are complemented by local drinks with a Russian character - natural berry fruit drinks, tinctures, herbal teas.

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  • Ceremonial meals

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    Gourmets claim that serving a dish is just as important as its taste. Cookery and design, gastronomy and aesthetics always go hand in hand in our restaurant. Wild boar roasted on a spit, stewed suckling pig or noble sturgeon - these are just a few of those exquisite whole ceremonial dishes that will make a bright, unforgettable impression on your guests.

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  • Legendary desserts

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    You can order original holiday cakes on any subject, filling and design from us. We use the highest quality product and only natural ingredients. A cake of any size and appearance will crown your anniversary or wedding. For many years, the cake "Count ruins" is a favorite of our dessert menu and enjoys the well-deserved glory of the best performance in Samara. The classics of the genre - "Prague", "Honey", "Bird's milk" sweet lovers like very much. A delicious pumpkin cheesecake originates from traditional Russian cuisine.

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