Those guests who like traditional winter entertainment can spend with pleasure winter weekend or vacation in our country complex "Russian Hunt". We offer a wide range of services and entertainment for our guests. Welcome here and you can not only relax in the fresh air surrounded by picturesque nature without abandon the usual urban amenities.

In winter, you can go on a ski trip on the picturesque snow-covered slopes, as well as try skating. For those guests who prefer to slide down the hill in a modern way - there is an excellent slide for tubing. It’s a wonderful opportunity to return back into childhood and gets a charge of good mood! Favorite winter fun, both adults and children in a modern version! Extremes will appreciate the trip through the snow-covered forest on a snowmobile. Excursions around the hunting grounds with a halt stop are especially popular with guests. A family walk through the frost on a sleigh into which the horse is harnessed is one of the best anti-stress therapies.

  • Skis are the kings of healthy and funny rest. Our ski slopes are located in a picturesque pine forest. All equipment can be rented.

  • Skates are not only for sport that works wonders, but also for great vacation. Comfortable and spacious ice rink works for our guests throughout the winter. We have skates of different sizes, male, female and children's.
  • Tubing is a sea of pleasure, excellent well-being and fun pastime in the fresh air. Riding on tubing - inflatable "sled-cheesecakes" from a slide in the "Russian Hunt" - an excellent choice for children and friendly companies.

  • Snowmobile - great fun for the real extreme. We offer a safe ride on a modern snowmobile with an instructor or fun riding behind a snowmobile in a sleigh.

  • Horse riding - walking through a frost on a sleigh into which a horse is harnessed is one of the best anti-stress therapies. Such a trip will be an original and memorable gift for families with children. Horse riding is a perfect choice, and the youngest guests can enjoy a cheerful pony.

  • Hunting - the main winter offer - hunting in our lands. The complex organizes full support of this event.

  • Table tennis is a sports game, a great way to energetic pastime. Here in the "Russian Hunt" you can find all the necessary equipment.